Stymielock™ Solution

Never lose another minute of productivity due to gate lockouts again!

If you work in situations where multiple entities share access to a common secured area, then you know the problem all too well—time-sucking, productivity-wasting, anger-making lockouts when someone replaces the gate locks incorrectly. You have no idea who to call and the only solution at hand is to cut the daisy chain with bolt cutters. Stymielock’s patented multi-lock system changes all that.

With Stymielock, each co-occupant has their own, dedicated lock space, each of which operates independently of all the other occupant’s locks. And when you leave the site, there’s only one place for you to replace your lock, thereby eliminating the chance of a lockout at the hand of another co-occupant. It’s more secure, easy to install, easy to use, ensures 24/7 access and, best of all, you’ll never need bolt cutters to break into your own worksite again!

Stymielock is cost-effective.

A single gate lockout could cause hours of lost productivity across one or more workers. This could translate into hundreds of dollars of downtime and delays, not to mention customer service concerns and employee frustration. Multiply that by the number of gates across your facilities and the cost of lockouts is staggering. If your Stymielock prevents just one of these lockouts, it will have more than paid for itself!

Stymielock is expandable.

A Stymielock standard unit accommodates up to four different padlocks and can be extended to accommodate up to 10 different locks. If you need space for more than 10 locks, ask us to send you a longer bar and you’ll be set!

Stymielock is secure.

Compared to a daisy chain solution using the same locks, Stymielock is more secure because you can’t cut through it with a bolt cutter. Stymielock gives you the extra security and peace of mind you need!

Stymielock is easy to install on virtually every type of enclosure.

  • Single Gates
  • Double Gates
  • Pipe Gates
  • Wooden Gates
  • Sliding Gates

Stymielock works wherever you find shared-access gates.

  • Phone Companies
  • Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Military Installations
  • Easements
  • Radio Towers
  • TV Stations
  • Parks
  • Rights of Way
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Construction Sites

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