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Stymielock’s history is filled with stories of workmen who have experienced the pain of driving hours to a site, just to be locked out because some other co-occupant replaced the locks incorrectly. It’s a common headache that wastes time, productivity and money. Stymielock fixes all of that. Read on to see how.

Stymielock success stories.

“As a wireless network implementation company, we are asked to specify and make recommendations on various products and materials. The Stymielock has become one of the most popular products that we have introduced to our clients. For constant access to communication sites by multiple tenants while maintaining security, the Stymielock is unsurpassed.”

— Phil Whisenhunt

“As an original user of the Stymielock and having been associated with the installation of over 300 to date, I can attest to the simplicity and enormous benefits immediately derived from this unique locking device.”

— Reid Pinkham, President, Carrick Contracting Carolinas, LLC

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